Food storage

Community service

We offer solutions to provide quality food in large volumes efficiently.

Our Infrastructure: 

  • Facility with high technology that operates under strict procedures to ensure food safety and quality.
  • Our own distribution network prepared for dry and fresh food.
  • Cold chambers.
  • Warehouse and storage centers to guarantee coverage nationwide.
  • Warehouse and storage centers in Capital and GBA.
  • A professional trained team to plan, coordinate and provide advice. 


  • Our company produces non-perishable foods in association with national food industries, in order to understand our client’s needs, oriented to satisfy assistance programs at national, province and municipal levels.
  • We provide an integrated service for food delivery and distribution based on each operation.
  • We have the co packing service to carry out the assembly and distribution of food modules based on our clients requirements.
  • Routing and delivery with lots Identification / tracking control and product quality. 



Flexibility and responsiveness

Integral services for the development of projects, supplies and applied technology.

Our value proposition:

  • We have a professional Team who stand out for their flexibility, responsiveness and customer focus.
  • We ensure compliance with the highest standards of safety, quality, in each project with environment respect and development sustainability.